Dr Gokul Krishna

Research Associate, 

United States

United States

Research Focus

My current research is focused on assessing circuit disruption resulting from traumatic brain injury (TBI) that underlies the development of post-TBI morbidities. Coupling in vivo model of circuit disruption with the state-of-the-art evaluation of chemical communication, I explore the mechanisms underlying the acute and chronic post-traumatic symptoms. Secondly, have a primary interest in oxidative and inflammatory aspects of neurodegeneration with a focus on Parkinson’s disease in the context of neurotoxic exposures.

Research Groups

  • Translational Neurotrauma Research


  • Electrochemical probing of behaviorally relevant circuit reorganization after traumatic brain injury


  • Research Associate

Global goals

Target 3.6
Target 3.9

Professional Organisations

  • National Neurotrauma Society
  • International Society for Neurochemistry
  • Society for Neuroscience


  • United States

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