2030 SDGs simulation workshops

University of Edinburgh Online workshop December 2021

An online workshop as part of ‘SDGs Week’ organised by the SDGs Network of post graduate reseachers.
The workshop was sponsored by the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

'Outdoors and Unplugged' SDGs workshop May 2021

We had hoped for spring weather for our first outdoor workshop. Instead it was colder than expected and we were very glad of our campfires! 
Nonetheless, our first ‘unplugged’  SDGs simulation was great fun.  Fat Squirrel Outdoors is a unique workspace in North Oxfordshire and the 5 teams created a world they were pleased with.
Being in woodland made our discussions around the environment, economy and society very immediate. We’re heading back to Fat Squirrel for our next outdoor workshop in June 2022.

Community workshop at 'Makespace' in Oxford, February 2020

A busy, pre-pandemic, workshop in one of Oxford’s community workspaces.
7 teams worked hard to achieve the SDGs and a balanced world before 2030.
6 of the teams achieved their team objectives and the final outcome was a strong economy,  healthy society and improving environment.