The 2030 SDGs Game is a multiplayer game that simulates taking the ‘real world’ into the year 2030. Participants work as individuals or in small teams. Together we explore how the world can achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) by 2030.

Will you and your team create a prosperous, fair and sustainable world?

We are one of the few UK organisations accredited to offer the Imacocollabo 2030 SDGs Game workshops and we offer 3 ways to play:  In personOnlineor ‘Outdoors and Unplugged’.
Whichever way we play, the whole experience takes around 3 hours, including playing and reflection, plus breaks for tea and coffee, lunch or networking.

Expect to make discoveries, have your assumptions challenged, and leave with a positive view of your contribution to the world you want to see in 2030.

There are 3 different ways to play the game with us, so check which one works best for you.

Play in Person

Play the SDGs Game in teams with 20 to 48 people.

Whether at a bespoke workshop, as part of a course, or at a local community game, this team event offers everyone a unique experience as they work together to create a prosperous, fairer sustainable world by 2030.

What does it take to change the world? Join us to find out.

…as if someone had put everything I care about into one beautiful story

Participant feedback on Twitter

Play Online

Join us online to enjoy the SDGs Game from wherever you are in the world

Playing the 2030 SDGs Game online brings researchers, students and other communities together from anywhere and everywhere. Working to discover what it takes to change the world is a powerful connecting experience, whether players are in different rooms or on different continents.

An excellent way to understand the SDGs and their interdependencies

Participant online feedback Feb 2021

'Outdoors and Unplugged'

Play the SDGs Game outside for a different, safe, unique experience in a natural environment

Moving outside makes the 2030 SDGs Game even more fun, especially for younger players. Our woodland workspace, just outside Oxford, is available for your own workshop, as well as Sunday morning community games.
We can also (weather permitting) bring an outdoor game to your space or campus.

[I plan to] be more mindful of my consumption and support of harmful industries

Participant feedback May 2021

 Join a community SDGs Game or book a bespoke workshop

The question we hear most often at the end of the workshop is an excited ‘What can I do next?’.  It’s a great way to bring the Sustainable Development Goals into the real world with unmatched impact, both for individuals and for teams.  That’s why we use it with researchers as part of our Global Academy initiative to align academic research with the SDGs.

Upcoming games:

  • Online game with international banking group as part of their leadership training programme
  • In-person game with Post Gradute Students at University Of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute
  • Online Game with a Goal 12 research group at the University Of Queensland
  • Online Game with PhD students’ SDGs research network at Edinburgh University

More about recent games

Contact us to join a game workshop, or to request one for your team, conference or course. The three options listed above mean we can help you and your team bring the SDGs to life, and discover more about our world, wherever you are.

Questions? Ask away, or get in touch for more details:

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