Mr Madhav Bhargav

PhD Candidate, 


English, Hindi

Research Focus

Madhav is a PhD researcher in the School of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. Madhav received a B.A (Hons) in Applied Psychology from the University of Delhi. He later earned his Master in Applied Psychology from Trinity College Dublin (supervised by Prof Ruth Byrne) with a thesis focused in understanding the cultural differences in counterfactual thinking and moral judgments in college students. His PhD research focuses on the mental health functioning in adolescence with a particular interest in suicide ideation and childhood adversities. Part of his research has already developed and published a multidimensional explanatory model explaining the unique indirect effects of psychological distress on the relationship between cumulative exposure to childhood trauma and suicidal ideation in college students. Future studies and research will look to explore the role of emotional variability and resilience in college students keeping the above model in mind.

During his PhD, Madhav has produced 2 peer-reviewed publications and 4 articles for general audiences. He has presented over 9 poster presentations in international conferences, invited to 2 talks, and secured €20000 in PhD research funding. Moreover, he was recently awarded €1500 as part of the TRiSS Research Fellowship.

Madhav has been the former Vice President of the Trinity Graduate Students Union where he conducted an independent pilot research study about postgraduate students’ mental health and coping resources in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) by employing quantitative and qualitative methods. This was the first study in TCD that captured data on anxiety, stress and other mental health related factors impacting the postgraduate population. The study made a set of high level recommendations to improve academic and welfare support services in TCD and was discussed at the principal committees of the university.

Research Groups

  • International Network of Early Career Researchers in Suicide and Self-harm, Student Mental Health Research Network


  • Towards a Better Understanding of College Students’ Experiences and Mental Health


  • PhD Candidate
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Project Coordinator

Global goals

Target 3.4
Target 16.2

Professional Organisations

  • International Network of Early Career Researchers in Suicide and Self-harm.
  • Student Mental Health Research Network


  • Ireland