Dr Dounya Barrit

Research Engineer, 


Arabic, English, French

Research Focus

Dounya worked extensively in her PhD on developing processing-structure-property-performance relationships in hybrid perovskites and her research interest focus on bridging the lack of understanding in the liquid-to-solid phase transformation process during two-step deposition of hybrid perovskites and using this knowledge for improving the thin film quality for efficient solar cells. As a research engineer, she focus on the “Characterization, Modeling and Reliability” of the next generation PV technologies. She is studying the degradation mechanisms of the perovskite solar cells, modules and tandems to define appropriate reliability testing procedures, as well as improve their performances and lifetime.

Research Groups

  • OneTech


  • Next Generation Photovoltaic Reliability


  • Research Engineer

Global goals

Target 5.B
Target 7.1
Target 7.2
Target 7.3
Target 7.A
Target 7.B

Professional Organisations

  • Global Engineering Network (GEN)
  • United Research Forum (URF)
  • Open Africa Power (OAP)


  • France

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