Mr Trevor Gormley BCL LLM MBA Sol BL

PhD Candidate and Casual Academic, 


English, Gaelic, Spanish

Research Focus

To create efficiency across the procurement, contract and project management processes of government that automatically:
1. Deliver better education
2. Drive better community outcomes and standards
3. Fulfil many of the sustainability goals in terms of minimise impact on the plant re expenditure of resources, and influence the management of the following SDGs:
A. Goal 3 – Good health and well being
B. Goal 4 – Quality Education
C. Goal 6 – Clean Water & Sanitation
D. Goal 7 – Affordable and clean energy
F. Goal 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
G. Goal 9 – industry, innovation & infrastructure
H. Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities
I. Goal 13 – Climate Action

The systems and processes underpinning my research can change how business is undertaken and manage a host of challenges that are not being properly addressed which impact the planet, its people and the finite resources it can produce.


  • The Role of AI in Managing Government Contract and Project Management deliverables to increase efficiencies and promote better outcomes


  • PhD Candidate and Casual Academic

Global goals

Target 4.4
Target 4.7
Target 9.1
Target 9.4
Target 9.5
Target 9.B
Target 12.1
Target 12.2
Target 12.4
Target 12.5
Target 12.6
Target 12.7
Target 12.8
Target 12.A
Target 12.B

Professional Organisations

  • Law Society of South Australia


  • Australia

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