Prof Rickard Lalander

Professor in Global development studies / environmental science., 


PhDs supervised to completion
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish
Sweden, Ecuador, Bolivia, Plurinational State of

Research Focus

I am a sociologist and political scientist. My research is characterized by inter- and transdiciplinary critical analytical approaches to democracy, sustainability, social movements, environmental justice, interculturality, resource governance and the mainstream understanding of development, principally in South American settings. Theoretically and methodologically inspired by decolonial theory, political ecology, anthropology, political and environmental sociology, I have specialized in indigenous peoples and their political organization, culture/identity, and worldviews (such as the conceptualizations of Sumak Kawsay/Vivir Bien and indigeneity/territoriality), mainly in Bolivia and Ecuador.


  • Indigenous Community-Based Eco-Tourism and Socio-Environmental Justice in the Global South: Comparing “from below” experiences in Brazil, Ecuador and Mozambique.
  • Rights of Nature - Nature of Rights. Neo-Constitutionalism and Ethno-Ecologist Resistance in Bolivia and Ecuador
  • From Exclusion to Government in Ecuador: Indigenous Movement Strategies and Political Power Structures in Otavalo and Cotacachi


  • Professor in Global development studies / environmental science.

Global goals

Target 10.1
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Target 10.B
Target 15.2
Target 15.9
Target 16.3
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Target 16.8

Professional Organisations

  • The Swedish Development Research Network (SweDev)
  • The Nordic Latin Americanist Network (NOLAN)


  • Sweden
  • Ecuador
  • Bolivia, Plurinational State of

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