Mr Benjamin Jones




Research Focus

My work is primarily focused on seagrass meadows and their associated fisheries in the context of sustainable development. My PhD research investigates the linkages between biodiversity and people using seagrass meadows as a model social-ecological system. I am interested in these linkages more broadly to provide evidence for policy change across the Indo-Pacific that gives priority to seagrass meadows for the services they provide in the context of the sustainable development goals (e.g. livelihoods, food security, poverty reduction). I have been working with seagrass ecosystems for over 8 years and conducted seagrass associated research and conservation work in Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Tanzania, Mozambique, Mauritius, Mexico and the United Kingdom. My work has been featured in various popular science and public news media channels such as the BBC and National Geographic and I regularly contribute to The Conservation.


  • Seagrass meadows support food-security across the Indo-Pacific Ocean


  • Director
  • PhD Researcher, Stockholm University

Global goals

Target 1.4
Target 1.5
Target 2.1
Target 2.2
Target 14.2
Target 14.4
Target 14.5
Target 14.7
Target 14.A
Target 14.B


  • Sweden