Dr Jordi Serrano-Muñoz

Lecturer and postdoctoral researcher, 


English, Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, Chinese

Research Focus

Jordi Serrano-Muñoz is a postdoctoral researcher focusing on comparative literature, reception, and transpacific connections. He holds a Ph.D. in the Humanities from the Pompeu Fabra University, completed cum laude; a research master in literary studies from the University of Leiden; and a degree in East Asian Studies from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
He is editor and co-founder of Asiademica: Open Journal of East Asian Studies and member of the research groups GREGAL-UAB and STAND-UGR. His current research lines involve the relationship between literature, the climate crisis, memory, and protest in contemporary Japanese and Latin-American literary production.
He teaches or has taught undergraduate and graduate classes at El Colegio de México, the Open University of Catalonia and the University of Granada. He has been a Japan Foundation Fellow (2021-2022) at Waseda University and consultant of Japanese literature for the Japan Foundation Mexico.

Research Groups



  • Violències contra les dones en la literatura. Debats teòrics, lectures i propostes de treballs de recerca
  • Climate Crisis Representation in Contemporary Japanese and Mexican Literature


  • Lecturer and postdoctoral researcher

Global goals

Target 5.2
Target 13.3

Professional Organisations

  • EAJS


  • Spain

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