Prof Umesh Sharma

Associate Dean (Equity and Inclusion), 


PhDs supervised to completion
English, Hindi

Research Focus

Umesh is amongst the top world leaders in the area of inclusive teacher education and special education. He has written articles, developed curriculum and provided advise to Departments of Education in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, India, Italy and in the Pacific about – what knowledge and skills are necessary for special education and inclusive education teachers and schools leaders and how best the knowledge and skills could be delivered in different contexts so that long-lasting change occur in the practices of educators. He has also developed various tools to support the implementation of inclusive education internationally. He has advised Ministers of Education in many countries about how best the system needs to change to provide high-quality education to children with disabilities.

Research Groups

  • Consortium of Inclusive Teacher Education and Development (CITED)


  • Designing Pacific Indicators for Disability Inclusive Education


  • Associate Dean (Equity and Inclusion)

Global goals

Target 4.2
Target 4.5
Target 4.7
Target 4.C

Professional Organisations

  • Member Australian Psychological Society


  • Australia

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