Ms Varsha Pandurang Nagargoje

Doctoral Fellow, 


English, Marathi, Hindi

Research Focus

Broadly, my research interests lie in the fields of family demography, population and development, and public health. I have a strong academic background in Demography and Geography. Furthermore, I have gained three and a half years of research work experience while working on various large-scale projects. So far, my research has covered various aspects of aging, including well-being, and multiple health risk factors, utilizing renowned datasets like the ‘Longitudinal Ageing Study in India’ (LASI). In the future, my research aims to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted challenges and opportunities faced by older adults and shed light on strategies to enhance their well-being and quality of life through multi-country analysis. I have also investigated the association between WASH practices and the nutritional status of Indian adolescent girls. My doctoral research work has specifically delved into intergenerational resource transfers between different generations in the family and the overall well-being of older Indian adults. This topic holds immense significance in light of the ongoing demographic transition and the growing older population in the country. I have actively collaborated with interdisciplinary teams in India and abroad, which is reflected in my published research articles. By combining these areas of inquiry, I am particularly interested in population aging, gender development, nutrition and health.


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  • Doctoral Fellow

Global goals

Target 3.4
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Professional Organisations

  • International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai


  • India

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