Dr Lucie Fremlova

Independent researcher, 

United Kingdom

English, French, Czech, Slovak

Research Focus

International ethnicity/race, sexualities, gender and human rights researcher working at the interface between academia, policy and activism, with extensive research, advocacy, policy, management, programme and project design experience. She holds a PhD in applied social sciences and a Master’s degree in English and French Philology. She has acted as an expert human rights advocate reporting to various national and international bodies and institutions such as the UN CEDAW and the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights; and published both academic and non-academic work, including a book on the intersectional experiences of Roma (Routledge 2021). She has recently joined OUTBermuda’s Board of Trustees.


  • Visualising the lives of LGBT Roma
  • Queerying Roma
  • Every child matters


  • Independent researcher

Global goals

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Target 5.1
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Target 16.1
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Target 16.10
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  • United Kingdom
  • Bermuda
  • Czech Republic

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