Dr Priscilla Carrillo-Barragan

Research Associate, 

United Kingdom

English, Spanish

Research Focus

Passionate about the well being of this planet. My research interests and work focus on the understanding of major pollution issues, (e.g. Organic Municipal Solid Waste, Plastic waste) and the development of solutions to address these using Microbiology and Chemistry (e.g. Environmental Biotechnology, Waste valorisation, Resource Recovery from Waste). The difference is in the small things!


  • Microbiology of plastic pollution
  • Microplastics in marine waters
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education


  • Research Associate

Global goals

Target 4.3
Target 4.5
Target 4.7
Target 11.6
Target 14.1
Target 14.2
Target 14.5
Target 14.A

Professional Organisations

  • The Microbiology Society
  • Applied Microbiology International
  • Federation of European Microbiology Societies


  • United Kingdom