Miss Bipasha Bhattacharjee DST INSPIRE PhD Fellow and Fulbright Fellow

PhD scholar, 


Bengali, Sylheti,English,Hindi

Research Focus

I have been trying to gain insights into the host’s innate immunity (Arabidopsis thaliana as a plant model). The identification of cellular proteins associated with the Cucumber mosaic virus infection process is crucial to our understanding of their role in the establishment of infection, influencing the host range, movement, and virulence function of viruses. I have been trying to establish a relationship between host factors and viral proteins, which could have long-lasting implications in plant defense responses and unravel the multifaceted cosplay between hosts and viruses to gain an infection momentum leading to host immune system compromise. Currently, viral pathogens consist of the largest proportion of newly emerging plant diseases causing havoc in agricultural practices. We have identified crucial host factors that impact resistance/susceptibility in terms of plant virus pathogenesis and are using omics tools to characterize these factors.

Research Groups

  • Plant Virology Lab, CSIR IHBT


  • Identification of host factors in Cucumber mosaic virus pathogenesis


  • PhD scholar

Global goals

Target 11.6
Target 11.7
Target 13.1
Target 13.2
Target 13.A
Target 15.3
Target 15.5
Target 15.6
Target 15.9

Professional Organisations

  • University of Kentucky


  • India

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