Dr Andres Payo PhD, MSc

Coastal Resilience and Geohazard researcher, 

United Kingdom

PhDs supervised to completion
English, Spanish

Research Focus

My academic and research background reflects my continuous effort on tackling the challenges that coastal coupled human and natural systems are facing nowadays while building on sound quantitative approaches. Academically I best fit at the interface between marine science and civil engineering; my PhD was on quantitative modelling shoreline decadal and longer coastal evolution, MSc on Reliability and Risk on Civil Engineering and a BSc on Marine Sciences. My core research interests are on nearshore processes and long-term coastal evolution. More specifically, my research aims to identify and assess the importance of the multiple feedback processes that controls coastal morphological evolution at decadal to centennial time scale. This includes the effects of human actions to manage the risk of coastal flooding and coastal erosion on coastal morphology changes and response to changes. This research is built on field observation, system dynamics analysis and landscape evolution modelling . In addition to my core research interest mentioned above, as a quantitative system modeler I have the ability, curiosity and willingness to work on other projects as needs might arise.

Research Groups

  • Coasts and Estuaries website: https://www.bgs.ac.uk/geology-projects/coasts-and-estuaries/


  • Using a multi-hazard and catchment-based approach to understand and increase resilience in hyper-expanding cities in Vietnam and the Philippines
  • Within the Alliance for Resilient Urban South East Asia (ARUSEA) we are combining our experience with Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and multi-hazards with the evidence-based approach of the Forensic Investigation of Disasters (FORIN) and the transformative and long lasting impact of social business.


  • Coastal Resilience and Geohazard researcher

Global goals

Target 1.B
Target 11.3
Target 11.5
Target 11.B
Target 11.C
Target 13.1
Target 13.2
Target 13.3
Target 13.B

Professional Organisations

  • British Society of Geomorphology


  • United Kingdom

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