Dr Nelson Granda Marulanda He/Him/El

Assistant Professor School of Engineering + Technology, 

United States

English, Spanish

Research Focus

My research focuses on the area of Sustainable Development from a Systems perspective. I tackle the climate problem following a holistic view guided by the triple-bottom-line of sustainability and Economy-Environment-People. I look at how we (faculty-students-practitioners) can use methods and technics learned in System-Thinking and Lean Systems to address problems encountered in the climate crisis. I believe that if we clearly define how we measure the value chain in all aspects of sustainability and focus on finding new and entrepreneurial solutions, the intersection where a product or a process becomes sustainable can be achieved. I also do research in education, focusing on finding new ways the new student generations can get inspired to become active global citizens with a focus on sustainable development.


  • From Waste to Energy: Bio-digesters gas characterization and feasibility study in Western North Carolina
  • Using the 17 UN SDGs to Teach Sustainability: The case of a regional comprehensive university
  • Environmental and Cost Assessment of Biogas Production from Hemp Crop-Residue for Enabling Circular Economy Transition of CBD Production Systems.


  • Assistant Professor School of Engineering + Technology

Global goals

Target 4.3
Target 4.4
Target 4.5
Target 4.7
Target 5.1
Target 5.5
Target 5.B

Professional Organisations

  • Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE)
  • Sustainable Development Division of IISE
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)


  • United States