Dr Lina Mtwana Nordlund



Swedish, English
Sweden, Tanzania, United Republic of

Research Focus

I am interested in the coastal sea. In my research, I use a multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary approach, as linking different research fields provides a more holistic view of the environmental challenges coastal seas are facing. My research is about strong sustainable development and social-ecological systems, with focus on seagrass, fisheries, ecosystem services and management. Of special interest is the linkages between habitat – fish/invertebrates – fisheries – management.

Research Groups

  • Nordlund lab - Sustainable coasts


  • Indo-Pacific Seagrass Network (IPSN)
  • Coastal and fisheries development in the past, present and past
  • BlueFood


  • Lecturer

Global goals

Target 14.1
Target 14.2
Target 14.3
Target 14.4
Target 14.5
Target 14.6
Target 14.A
Target 14.B
Target 2.1
Target 2.4
Target 17.6
Target 17.8
Target 17.16
Target 17.17

Professional Organisations

  • Uppsala University


  • Sweden
  • Tanzania, United Republic of

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