You can now, once again, update your own researcher page at
The technical problems that limited your ability to update and change your own researcher page have now been solved! (Huge thanks to our tech team for this šŸ˜Š). For many weeks researchers have patiently been sending updates to us my email when they needed changes to their pages. Thank you for doing this. We love hearing from you, but we also know you would rather make these changes for yourselves.

Life moves on, researchers get new jobs, change organisations, complete projects and start new ones. You want all of this to be visible on your researcher page, and now you can make these changes yourself.

Once you are logged in at go to your own reseacher profile page, and click on ‘Update Researcher Page’ in the top right corner. Click on that and you will be able to make all the changes and additions you need.

While you are there this is a great time to add extra social media accounts. We know that many researchers have, or are, moving away from Twitter/X or are investigating new social media channels. We’re working on this too and now have accounts at Bluesky and Mastodon in addition to our older Twitter/X, Linkedin, Instagram, Threads and Facebook accounts. (Yes, it’s a LOT to manage and this will be the subject of another article soon ).

So check your researcher page today, login and make updates to reflect your changes. Then add some more social media and web links while you are there.

We are still here and can be reached by email if this does not go smoothly – and please do take the time to let us know if you have problems.

We’re looking forward to seeing all your news reflected on your researcher pages šŸ™‚.