Update your research information

Research works moves along so we know you will want to update you research page from time-to-time.
Send us your news and let us know about the changes you want to make by email.


Completed your PhD?
Or achieved another qualification?

Let us know about your new title and we’ll add it to your page

Have you moved to a new university, institution or research group?

We will change this for you. It may also change the URL of your page

Working on a new project?

Great!  Let us know about it.  

New job title?

When you have a new role or a change of responsibilities send us a quick email and we’ll get it all switched over for you.

Other changes?

A quick email to theteam@theglobalacademy.ac will organise any of these updates, and we’re here for other questions too.

Want a new picture?

Just send it to us, with a link to your researcher page. PLEASE make it square