Dr John Hogan Morris

Assistant Professor in Economic Geography, 

United Kingdom


Research Focus

John’s research explores how risk is constituted through discursive and calculative practices in public and private institutions and how such renderings of risk emanate outwards to shape and remake the global financial system. As such, he is currently devoting his research energies to the political economy and geographies of tail risk, climate finance and the governance of climate change by the financial regulatory community. This work investigates the myriad ways in which market actors in the banking and shadow banking systems respond to regulatory interventions and outcomes relating to transition risks. The specific focus is how the changing investment strategies and risk management practices in the banking and insurance sectors feed into the activities of shadow banking entities He is currently working on a book (under contract) on the political economy of tail risk. This book will offer an empirically informed theoretical intervention into recent developments in financial regulation and risk management towards the calculation and anticipation of “tail risks” in ways that better prepare financial institutions for low probability-high impact events.


  • The Financial Geographies of Climate Tail Risks and Uncertainties


  • Assistant Professor in Economic Geography

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Professional Organisations

  • University of Nottingham


  • United Kingdom

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