Mr Farhad Bolouri MSc


Iran, Islamic Republic of

English, Azeri, Turkish, Persian
Iran, Islamic Republic of

Research Focus

I graduated with MSc in Environmental Engineering at the University of Tabriz. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, with an average of 17.80 out of a total of 20; I was the third-ranked student. I was the first-ranked student in the MSc class with an average of 17.85 out of a total of 20 (Without a Thesis score). my master’s thesis is about sustainable development in universities with a system dynamics approach. I am an ambassador for climate change from Climate Interactive which made by MIT, and I hold online courses and workshops in English and Persian for students about the En-ROADS climate change tools. I am very interested in the topic of sustainable development and I try not to miss the training course or discussions about it.


  • Sustainable Development Strategies of University of Tabriz with System Dynamics Approach and Prioritizing Sustainable Development Strategies Using Group Multi-Criteria Decision Making Tool


  • Researcher

Global goals

Target 17.1
Target 17.4
Target 17.9
Target 17.10
Target 17.15
Target 17.19

Professional Organisations

  • Institute of Environment at University of Tabriz


  • Iran, Islamic Republic of

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