Dr Carolinne Rosa de Carvalho

Research Assistant, 


Portuguese, English, Spanish

Research Focus

Most of my studies have been focusing on Microbiology as a major area, although, I have worked in quite diverse projects. As an undergrad, my studies were clinical microbiology, working with human pathogens and testing alternative treatments against resistent strains. For my Masters, I started working in my passion field – Microbial Ecology. I compared the phyllosperical communities of citrus under conventional and organic managements. Later, for my PhD, I invested my work in molecular microbiology, analysing genomics and metagenomics data from Brazilian soda lakes. However, my projected aimed to investigated novel methane microbial sources by Cyanobacterial photosynthetical activites. Now, as an aspiranting for a Postdoctoral positions, I intend to keep working with bioinformatics tools to investigate the methane flux ad their impact on the global warming, for future development of mitigation strategies.


  • Oxic methane production by cyanobacteria at Brazilian soda lakes
  • Citrus phyllosphere under conventional and ecological management: bacterial community structure and monitoring of copper distribution


  • Research Assistant

Global goals

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  • Brazil

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