Dr Samit Chakrabarty

Lecturer (asst prof) in Neuroscience, 

United Kingdom

PhDs supervised to completion
English, Hindi, Bengali
United Kingdom

Research Focus

A neurophysiologist working towards restoration of spinal motor function after injury or in debilitating developmental neurodegenerative diseases. I study plasticity of spinal motor circuits development and disease towards this goal. These are tested in individuals and computational or animal models.

Specialties: Pre-clinical and clinical testing and development of new strategies towards restoration of spinal motor control. Development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools to assess sensorimotor deficits. Includes design and fabrication of new electrodes and recording systems. In-silico mathematical models, closed-loop algorithms to improve motor function.
Spinal Neurophysiology: Recording from interneurons and motoneurons in rodent, murine and felines. ICMS and developmental changes in motor systems.

Working with partners to deliver benefits to many around the world. Support out of the box thinking and innovations. Began with a degree in Zoology and Biochemistry but soon found solace in Neurophysiology and application of physical rules to biological functioning.


  • Improving mobility in those with spinal cord injury. Rehabilitation regimes, tool and device development for for mobility dysfunction. Data collection for child health especially related to Cerebral Palsy.


  • Lecturer (asst prof) in Neuroscience

Global goals

Target 3.1
Target 3.4
Target 3.6
Target 3.8
Target 3.B
Target 3.C
Target 3.D
Target 8.1
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  • United Kingdom

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