Dr Temitope Sogbanmu PhD MNYA AAAS

Lecturer I, 


English, Yoruba

Research Focus

My research focus is on the risk assessment and management of organic pollutants in various environmental media using classic and emerging ecotoxicology tools. This is with a view to develop and provide targeted environmental management advice to regulators/policymakers as well as innovative products for the treatment of wastewaters.

Research Groups

  • Environmental Evidence Synthesis and Knowledge Translation (EESKT) Research Cluster
  • Environmental Biotechnology and Ecotoxicology Research Group


  • Building an Early Warning System for community-wide infectious disease spread: SARS-CoV-2 tracking in Africa via environment fingerprinting


  • Lecturer I
  • Project Lead, Evidence Use in Environmental Policymaking in Nigeria (EUEPiN)

Global goals

Target 6.3
Target 6.6
Target 6.A
Target 6.B
Target 12.4
Target 12.5
Target 14.1
Target 14.2

Professional Organisations

  • The African Academy of Sciences (The AAS)
  • Nigerian Young Academy (NYA)
  • Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)


  • Nigeria

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