Dr Franca Attoh PhD

Associate Professor , 


PhDs supervised to completion
English, Igbo and Yoruba

Research Focus

I work in both Sociology and Criminology spaces. I have done researches in areas of gender and the vulnerable groups in society, internally dispaced persons, poverty and gender mainstreaming. In criminology I have researched in the areas of migration, human trafficking, police corruption and insecurity, insurgent groups, kidnapping and militancy in the niger delta. Spatial distribution of crimes in built environments, political crime and violence, environmental crimes and security and election in Nigeria. I have also worked on cybercriminality in banks, gender dimendions of terrorism. I have worked on agroterrorism, Ivory Tower research , the politics of oil and gender issues in STEM. Currently researching on migration and Xenophobia in Africa.


  • Trafficking of Young Women in Nigeria, Spatial Distribution of Crime and Migration and Xenophobia in Africa: Imperatives for African Integration


  • Associate Professor

Global goals

Target 10.2

Professional Organisations

  • Nigeria Sociology and Anthropology Association
  • Criminology Society of Nigeria
  • Social Sciences Network of Africa and CODESRIA


  • Nigeria

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