Dr Sarah Sarah

Inspire Faculty, 


PhDs supervised to completion
English, Kashmiri, Urdu

Research Focus

• My current research focus involves the climate change and human activity impacts on the hydrological cycle specifically base flow and the consequent results on river water chemistry, discharge in a long term.
• Understanding the sources and processes controlling the base flow in a given river-aquifer system and generating convincing knowledge to reduce uncertainties in its estimates.
• Study of climate change impact on base flow and the response of hydrological regimes towards different climate scenarios
• Understanding the hydrological processes and their deviation due to impact of Climate and Global Changes in glacial fed and mountainous hydrogeological setting.
• To suggest adaptation and mitigation measures to reduce the local/regional impacts of climate change on groundwater and promoting sustainable and integrated management of water resources. Predicting long-term climate change impacts on groundwater resources using advanced numerical simulation with adequate stochastic approach hydrological and climate

Research Groups

  • Department of Earth Science


  • Role and Importance of Base flow process in the coupled hydrodynamics of Surface and Groundwater under changing climate
  • Vulnerability and Adaptation of Groundwater under Changing Climate


  • Inspire Faculty

Global goals

Target 6.3
Target 6.4
Target 6.5
Target 6.6
Target 13.3

Professional Organisations

  • International Association of hydrogeologists


  • India

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