Miss Efetobor Stephanie Effevottu

Doctoral Student, 



Research Focus

Religion is often seen as a barrier to peacebuilding because of the religious undertone surrounding most violent conflicts. However, in a country like Nigeria where over eighty per cent of the population identifies as being religious, it is extremely important to understand religious peacebuilding capacities. The proposed research therefore intends to examine the peacebuilding role of religion in Nigeria with the aim of adding to the existing body of knowledge on religious peacebuilding. The study will be guided by the Social Capital theory and will be based on the qualitative, descriptive research method. Primary sources in the form of archival visits and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders in religious peacebuilding will be conducted. Secondary sources such as published books and journal articles will also be used. It is expected that the research findings will help to shed light on religious capacities for peacebuilding.


  • Religion and Peacebuilding in Nigeria


  • Doctoral Student
  • Director of Administration, Building Blocks for Peace Foundation

Global goals

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Professional Organisations

  • Lagos Studies Association
  • African Studies Association


  • Nigeria

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