Ms Emma Lyndsey Yule

PhD Researcher and Tutor, 

United Kingdom

English, French
United Kingdom

Research Focus

My research is focused on extreme weather events (mainly heatwaves). I detect and analysis heatwave events from the past few centuries including the mechanisms behind them and societal impacts faced. I then aim to understand how these may change in the future in a warmer world. I am also considering how we can use this change from past to potential future events to understand how the risks of extreme events are changing over time and how we can ensure we have robust risk assessments and risk management practices in place to ensure the resilience of communities and ecosystems now and in the future.

Research Groups

  • Global Change


  • GloSAT


  • PhD Researcher and Tutor

Global goals

Target 11.B
Target 13.1
Target 13.3
Target 13.B


  • United Kingdom

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