Mr Matthew L Staitis BSc

MScR Palaeontology and Geobiology, 

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Research Focus

My MSc by Research project uses paired benthic trace element (B/Ca, Mg/Ca) analyses to quantify the changes in climate and carbonate chemistry (related to ocean acidification) during the Late Maastrichtian Warming Event (LMWE) – an abrupt global warming event that occurred ~66 million years ago.

My research relates to the highlighted SDGs and targets via the following research themes:

SDG 13- Climate Action

  • How have natural systems responded to climate change in the geological past and how might they respond in the future?


SDG 14- Life Below Water

  • What have the impacts of ocean acidification been in the geological past and what might they be in the future?
  • Measuring marine acidity (pH) in the geological past.


SDG 15- Life on Land

  • Investigate which taxonomic groups, realms or ecosystems deteriorated the most rapidly during times of great change in the geological past, to better inform why and where species are threatened today.

Research Groups

  • Geobiology and Geochemistry


  • Investigating Deccan-induced environmental changes, prior to the K/Pg mass extinction


  • MScR Palaeontology and Geobiology

Global goals

Target 13.3
Target 14.3
Target 15.5

Professional Organisations

  • The Geological Society of London
  • The Palaeontological Association
  • The Geological Society of Glasgow


  • United Kingdom