Miss Kolisa Yola Sinyanya

PhD researcher, 

South Africa

English, Xhosa, Zulu
South Africa

Research Focus

My Ph.D. research is part of a growing body of work that critically examines biogeochemical cycling in the ocean, particularly regions that are currently under-sampled. My research aims and focuses involve exploring phytoplankton community dynamics and microbe-nutrient interactions in the Indian Ocean, including subtropical and Southern Ocean waters. Additionally, my research focuses include calculating ocean uptake rates to quantify the rates at which carbon uptake and nutrient uptake facilitates or induces carbon export potential.

Research Groups

  • The Fawcett Lab


  • The Agulhas Current enhances the productivity of the subtropical Indian Ocean: evidence from coupled flow cytometry-high sensitivity nitrogen isotope analysis


  • PhD researcher
  • Science Social Media Manager
  • Science Communicator

Global goals

Target 9.1
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Target 13.1
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Professional Organisations

  • Ocean Womxn Fellow


  • South Africa