Dr Kleinsy Yudrani Bonilla Landaverry



English, Spanish, Portuguese

Research Focus

Showcase discussions on Science Diplomacy and Sustainable Development from Latin American countries. It addresses the need for science to be internationally discussed as actors from different regions engage in collaborative efforts towards shared objectives in seeking sustainable development while working towards the 2030 sustainable development agenda. By bringing these to the fore it seeks to balance studies that have been emerging from and concentrating on the European and North American regions. We invite manuscripts that respond to the following subtopics from the perspective of any Latin American country – the consideration of Latin America as a regional block is also accepted:
• Interdependence, complexity, and political challenges
• Governance of Science and Technology
• Economics of Development
• Budgets and the sustainable development agenda 2030
• Science and technology policy
• International Relations and new global scientific paradigms
• Communication of Science in Latin America


  • Science Diplomacy and Sustainable Development: Perspectives from Latin America


  • Researcher

Global goals

Target 4.3
Target 4.5
Target 5.5

Professional Organisations

  • INDESGUA Institute for the Development of Higher Education in Guatemala
  • OWSD Guatemala National Chapter


  • Brazil

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