Dr Giulia Torino

Research Fellow , 

United Kingdom

English, Spanish, Italian, French
United Kingdom, Colombia, Italy

Research Focus

I am an interdisciplinary urban scholar and educator, with a professional background in architecture, urban planning, and academic journalism. I am currently Junior Research Fellow in Urban Studies at the University of Cambridge (Peterhouse Colleges), and Affiliated Lecturer at the Department of Geography. Combining my training across the humanities and social sciences, I investigate the complex ways in which the urban present is imagined, produced, and understood in a world of growing precarity, unsettlement and circulations. My work engages the intersection between global migration, cultural and social diversity, racism, digital infrastructures, Urban governance, and spatial processes of peripheralisation. From the situated perspective of ten years of research work in Latin America and Europe/the Mediterranean, I have explored the making of precarious inhabitation, contested citizenship, social inequality and (in)justice, digital surveillance, and the spatialisation in cities and rural-urban peripheries. I have been collaborating for many years with grassroots, independent organisations working on social (especially race and gender) justice, violence and conflict resolution in Colombia and Latin America, and I regularly act as research consultant for international organisations like Amnesty and policymakers in the UK and abroad.


  • Racial and Relation Urbanisms in the Latin American City (2016-2020, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council)
  • Extending Urbanization Through the Black Mediterranean: Migration, Labour, and the Struggle for Place (2021-2024, funded by the British Academy)


  • Research Fellow
  • Lecturer

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Professional Organisations

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Fellow of Peterhouse College


  • United Kingdom
  • Colombia
  • Italy