Ms Gabriela Gonzalez Arismendi



English, Spanish, French

Research Focus

I specialized in the study of the stable isotopic composition of organics, such as resins and gases as well as the molecular characterization of complex organic mixtures from proximal to distal environments. My research interest focuses on understanding paleoenvironmental systems by combining multiproxy variable databases. This led me to conduct applied research on various organic extracts from different origins, from peats to oils, as part of my Ph.D. Thus, not only considering the organic, but also the inorganic interface. More recently, I have been working as a research assistant at the University of Alberta, producing a comprehensive isoscape that displays the fate and distribution of n-alkanes and carbon dioxide isotopic response from different gas sources in Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. I’m also a geoscience literacy enthusiast, a continuous python coding learner, and believe in SMART non-renewable natural resources energy management (O&G). Knowing what we have, to building what we want, both require in-depth geoscientific knowledge.

Research Groups

  • Muehlenbachs' group


  • Understanding the fate and distribution of n-alkanes and carbon dioxide in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin


  • Researcher

Global goals

Target 7.A
Target 9.B
Target 13.3

Professional Organisations

  • University of Calgary, UNAC, GeoLatinas, CSPG


  • Canada

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