Dr Tariq Aziz Ph.D.

Associate Professor, 


PhDs supervised to completion
English, Urdu, Punjabi

Research Focus

My major research interest is to improve nutrient use efficiency in agriculture particularly nitrogen and phosphorus. As both of these nutrients are vital for food security and are also linked to many of the environmental issues. Sustainable use of these resources is need of the hour, as excess and inefficient use of both N and P has resulted in a degradation of environment, ecosystem and the N pollution has already crossed planetary boundaries along with biodiversity loss.
We are working on assessment of Nitrogen, sources, drivers, sinks and impacts on environment. My group is involved in identifying agronomic solutions to improve N use efficiency like integrated use of mineral and organic N sources, synthesis of coated fertilizers (urea and DAP) and their evaluation on N losses and improvement in crop production.

Research Groups


  • Working as lead partner in Pakistan on a UKRI funded GCRF Project "South Asia Nitrogen Hub"
  • Principal Investigator on "Synthesis of bionano fertilizers to improve nutrient use efficiency of crops" funded by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad
  • Co-PI on "Improvement in citrus productivity and quality by standardization of nutrient assessment protocols for optimization of nutrient applications" funded by Pakistan Agriculture Research Council and ALP


  • Associate Professor

Global goals

Target 2.4
Target 13.3

Professional Organisations

  • University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • UKRI funded GCRF South Asia Nitrogen Hub


  • Pakistan

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