Ms Ibitamuno Irowarisima IB


United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Research Focus

My research focus is on developing alternative approach to solid waste management in developing countries such as Nigeria. Presently, the state of solid waste management in Nigeria is characterised by open dumping and disparity in collection in urban areas.
Over the years, the Nigeria government has employed technocratic solutions that have yielded limited results. These technocratic solutions include top-down approaches, technological advanced infrastructure, development and implementation of policies, etc. However, this research focuses on the social aspect of solid waste management in Nigeria. The insights into the social aspects of solid waste management will be used to foster public participation and bottom-up approaches.
This research focuses on developing an action plan that integrates existing local structures in peri-urban areas in urban cities in Nigeria.
Therefore, this research makes a contribution to understanding the impact of existing local actors on solid waste collection in peri-urban areas. Using cases of groups such as community based organisations who work collectively, it explores how collective action influences participation in a local community. A main theoretical implication of this study is that a better understanding of the collective action is needed to design an effective partnership among multiple stakeholders in community based solid waste management.


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