Mr Pratyush Sharma Queen Elizabeth Scholar for International Development

Visiting Research Scholar, Calgary, Canada, 


India, Canada

Research Focus

My research has been at the crosshairs of International Law (the Right to Development) and International Relations (South-South Cooperation). In my research, I developed the normative framework for South-South Cooperation which until now has been under-researched. The uniqueness of my dissertation is SSC theorisation through the international legal mechanism of the Right to Development. My research falls under the category of the Soft Law and Customary International Law of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. However, as development is now perceived as interdisciplinary and interconnected in nature, my research appeals to academics, policy makers, private sector, civil society, and other practitioners as it caters to theorisation and situates global governance (partnerships) in perspective.

Research Groups

  • Member of the Core Team at UN mandated University for Peace UPEACE-Human Rights Centre which is a specialised unit of the UPEACE focussing on the advanced training and capacity-building of stakeholders on a variety of human rights issue


  • I am the principal investigator for a project commissioned by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the Practical Guidance on the Right to Development and South-South Cooperation


  • Visiting Research Scholar, Calgary, Canada

Global goals

Target 17.1
Target 17.2
Target 17.6
Target 17.7
Target 17.8
Target 17.9
Target 17.10
Target 17.13
Target 17.14
Target 17.16
Target 17.17
Target 17.18

Professional Organisations

  • UN mandated University for Peace


  • India
  • Canada

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