Dariana Isamel Avila Velasquez

Miembro Voluntaria, 



Research Focus

Master in Environmental Engineering. with a focus on environmental management in civil engineering and geographic information systems (GIS). My research interests are focused on the science of geographic information (GIS), and environmental modeling, to study global environmental change, especially risk management (experience in using the Mora Vahrson method, to estimate landslides) and the surface water systems. I am a big fan of GIS software and field research such as in rural communities and protected areas, since I am from the zone of influence of the Montecillos Biological Reserve, Honduras. He worked with the indigenous population of Honduras and developed training workshops on environmental issues. Currently, I research the behavior of the ecosystem to soil moisture, with satellite products (remote sensors).


  • water resource and remote sensing


  • Miembro Voluntaria

Global goals

Target 6.1
Target 6.5
Target 6.6
Target 6.A
Target 13.3
Target 15.1
Target 15.3

Professional Organisations

  • GeoLatinas


  • Spain

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