Prof Pier Luigi Gentili

Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry, 


PhDs supervised to completion
Italian, English, French

Research Focus

My research is focused on the investigation of Complex Systems. Understanding and predicting the behavior of Complex Systems is fundamental to reach the goals of the 2030 Agenda. I am the author of the book titled “Untangling Complex Systems: A Grand Challenge for Science” (CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018), which is an interdisciplinary investigation into Complex Systems. I work on Natural Computing to untangle Complexity from both an ontological and an epistemological point of view. Being aware that inanimate matter is driven by force fields, whereas the interactions between biological systems are also information-based, I am driven by questions like the following ones. “When does a chemical system become intelligent?” Is it possible to develop a “Chemical Artificial Intelligence?” For the development of the Chemical Artificial Intelligence, I am tracing a new path in the field of Neuromorphic Engineering using non-linear chemical systems and encoding information mainly through UV-visible signals. Furthermore, I am proposing methods to process Fuzzy logic by molecular, supramolecular, and systems chemistry. I am editor of the book titled “The Fuzziness in Molecular, Supramolecular, and Systems Chemistry” published by MDPI in 2020. My multidisciplinary interests spurred me to answer the question: “Is it always fair and safe to do whatever technology makes doable?”. I propose an answer that emerges from the dialogue between Science, Philosophy, and Religion in my last book entitled “The Winged Science to Face Bioethical Complexity” (2023, Gemma Edition, Italy).
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  • Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry

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