Dr Déborah Oliveira

Researcher and Lecturer, 


Portuguese, English, Spanish
Chile, Brazil

Research Focus

I am a Registered Nurse with a PhD by the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. I currently work as Researcher and Lecturer for the Faculty of Nursing, Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile. I have previously worked Researcher in Brazil (UNIFESP) and in the United Kingdom (University of Nottingham), and as Consultant for both the Social Protection and Health Division of the Inter-American Development Bank (Washington D.C.) and for World Health Organization, in areas related to long-term care for older people and dementia. I am an associate member of MICARE (Millennium Institute for Care Research), Chile, of INTERDEM (Early, Timely and Quality Psychosocial Interventions in Dementia), Europe, and of the National Centre for Healthy Ageing, Melbourne, Australia.

Email: oliveiradc.phd@gmail.com
Twitter: @DrDebs_Oliveira


  • I am interested in the psychosocial experiences of people living with dementia and of their carers, particularly stigma and discrimination, and on long-term care and health/social care policy for older people.


  • Researcher and Lecturer

Global goals

Target 3.4
Target 3.8
Target 3.C


  • Chile
  • Brazil

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