Dr Kolisa Yola Sinyanya

Founder- Director, 

South Africa

English, Xhosa, Zulu
South Africa

Research Focus

Kolisa is the Founder and Director of Ulwazi Scientific Communications and STEM Research which is a research communication and research development company based in Cape Town South Africa. Her company internationally works with early career professionals in developing their research expertise. Moreover, the company is part of curricula and module developments with Gulf Research Institute in Texas, USA. Ulwazi also runs free monthly science communication and ocean science based online mentorship programs to inspire others into enjoying and understanding STEM fields. At the 2024 United Nations Ocean Decade Conference, Kolisa was one of the early career ocean professionals invited to contribute to a round table panel discussion where she represented her brainchild Ulwazi Ocean Explorers which is her company’s ocean science youth initiatives. She is the first black woman to obtain a PhD in observational ocean biogeochemistry in South Africa. Kolisa obtained her PhD from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. She is the Quote This Woman+ Voice of the Year in STEM South Africa 2022 for her outstanding work in ocean science development, science communication and influencing the ocean science curriculum at the University of Cape Town. She represented South Africa at the 10th anniversary of the Galway Statement in Ireland as a lead ocean policy and governance advisor to the European Union and European Parliament. Kolisa is passionate about learning teaching STEMA. In fact, her artistic side comes through via her African streetwear clothing brand, M’Afrika By Kolisa, combining STEM with Art!

Research Groups

  • Ulwazi Scientific Communications and STEM Research


  • Ulwazi Scientific Communications and STEM Research
  • Ulwazi Ocean Explorers


  • Founder- Director
  • Researcher
  • Ocean Scientist

Global goals

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