Dr Cheng Yong Tan PhD

Associate Professor of Social Contexts and Policies of Education, 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Research Focus

My research program critically investigates issues on inequity in education involving cultural capital theory and socioeconomic reproduction. It examines the influence of familial and school factors on student learning, and how familial socioeconomic backgrounds moderate school effects on student learning. Familial factors I have examined comprise socioeconomic status, cultural capital, and parental involvement while school-level factors comprise education policies and school leadership and processes. In my research, I have employed both conceptual and empirical analyses. In particular, I have often adopted an international perspective and used multilevel modelling to analyze international large-scale datasets such as those from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in my empirical analyses.


  • Meta-analyses and meta-ethnographies of inequality in education


  • Associate Professor of Social Contexts and Policies of Education

Global goals

Target 4.A
Target 10.1
Target 10.2


  • Hong Kong