Dr Sheikh Adil Edrisi MPhil, PhD

Assistant Professor, 


English, Hindi, Urdu

Research Focus

Sheikh Adil Edrisi is an Assistant Professor at the Thapar School of Liberal Arts & Sciences (TSLAS), Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology in Patiala, Punjab, India, and one of the 25 globally recognized potential young scientists to be awarded for the Green Talents Awards-2019 by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany. He has also been awarded the NASI-Springer Award-2018 by the National Academy of Science, India (NASI).

He is exploring possibilities to restore and utilize the marginal and degraded lands for biomass and bioenergy production via regaining its various ecosystem services (ES) for sustainable development in India. He is focused to address multiple UN-SDGs associated with the aforesaid approach in the Indian scenario. He is utilizing the application of geospatial modeling to classify, explore and manage the degraded lands for bioenergy production via inventive restoration practices. To this, he has screened various multipurpose, perennial plant species and developed a novel spatial technique for a strategic tree plantation across India. He has also proposed the management strategies towards the invasive plant species for halting the biodiversity loss in the ecosystems and maintaining its viability. He has further developed different soil quality indicators for different types of degraded lands to monitor the restoration progress. Through his interdisciplinary approach, he conducted the ecological profiling of degraded lands, so that policymakers can adopt inventive measures for the site-specific restoration of these devastated sites. Therefore, he is very much interested in exploring the different multidisciplinary dimensions of geospatial modeling, restoration ecology, soil sciences, socio-economics, policy outlining for the restoration of degraded lands, and bioenergy production for attaining the system’s sustainability.


  • Sustainability Assessment of Marginal Lands for Eco-restoration


  • Assistant Professor

Global goals

Target 11.7
Target 11.A
Target 12.2
Target 15.2
Target 15.3
Target 15.8
Target 15.9

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