Dr Noelia Garcia Franco



PhDs supervised to completion
English, Spanish

Research Focus

I am a soil scientist with a deep interest in how we can increase long-term carbon sequestration in the soil using novel agricultural land management practices within the context of climate change. I have gained strong competences in several fields such as soil physico-chemistry, agronomy, and climate change. My work has resulted in a total of 2152 citations and H-index 16. I have published 23 scientific papers (6 as first author and 2 as corresponding author), and 2 scientific book chapters, one of this with FAO, UN and another with the German Education Ministry (BMBF). I have 8 manuscripts pending or in preparation for international agricultural and soil science journals. I am passionate about communicating science and I coordinate and lead different projects about soil and water conservation under different sustainable management practices around the world. I have presented my work at several international conferences and symposiums and established a network including soil scientists, farmers, politicians and non- governmental organization from several different countries. In addition, I have lectured at different levels (BSc and MSc) and have been involved in the hosting of other students within my research group

Research Groups

  • Chair of Soil Science




  • Postdoc

Global goals

Target 2.4
Target 13.2
Target 15.3
Target 15.4
Target 15.B

Professional Organisations

  • Technical University of Munich


  • Germany
  • Spain

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