Dr Mehmet Ulug Ph.D.



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Research Focus

In the broadest sense my research up until this point concerns the interlinkage between environment and the economy, but from many different vantage points. Research interests include, economics of biodiversity energy-environment economics, sustainable finance, (macro)money, financial economics, monetary policy, shadow banking, repo markets and green finance. The objective of the research project is twofold. First, it assesses the determinants of environmental quality in the context of SDGs, providing further environmental considerations in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss. Second, it explores the role of finance to support the low-carbon economy. In this context, the research tackles the financial system in addressing the low-carbon activities as well as its implications for biodiversity loss. In terms of policy implications, this research project offers important policy recommendations on how finance can contribute to achieving climate goals in line with the 2030 UN SDGs.


  • Tackling Climate Change in the Framework of Sustainable Development Goals and the Role of the Financial System in the Green Transformation Process


  • Lecturer

Global goals

Target 7.1
Target 7.2
Target 7.3
Target 7.A
Target 7.B
Target 13.1
Target 13.2
Target 13.3
Target 13.A
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Target 15.1
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Target 15.3
Target 15.4
Target 15.5
Target 15.6
Target 15.7
Target 15.8
Target 15.9
Target 15.A
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Target 15.C


  • Italy

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