Dr Edith Phalane MSc, PhD, BWIS Fellow, Lindau Alumni

Research Manager/Specialist Scientist , 

South Africa

South Africa

Research Focus

My research focus entails conducting cutting edge epidemiological and public health research aimed at understanding and responding equitably, sustainably and effectively to local epidemics. The research seeks to strengthen the country’s proactive response to current epidemics and readiness for future pandemics. My research interests are in HIV, COVID-19, health disparities and non-communicable diseases.


  • The Boloka Big Data Project or Boloka Data Repository Initiative: Harnessing big heterogeneous data to evaluate the potential impact of HIV responses among key populations in South Africa
  • The Lokishang Project: Epidemiologic analyses of the impacts of COVID-19 to inform tailoring and adaptation of implementation strategies for HIV service delivery among key populations in sub-Saharan Africa.


  • Research Manager/Specialist Scientist

Global goals

Target 3.3
Target 3.B
Target 3.D
Target 10.2
Target 10.3

Professional Organisations

  • Black Women in Science


  • South Africa

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