Dr Khuong An Nguyen

Senior Lecturer, 

United Kingdom

PhDs supervised to completion
United Kingdom

Research Focus

“If you must choose one single idea to work on for the rest of your life, what will that be ?”

In 2003, my grandma passed away with severe dementia. At the time, there was no existing technology to help communicating her daily needs, or her whereabouts for the carer to attend to swiftly. It was a struggle for my family to provide her the end-of-life care that she deserved.

Ever since, my research interests have been related to Machine Learning theory and its applications in Navigation, Positioning and Smart Healthcare. I have published extensively in the sub-fields of contact tracing, indoor positioning, and confidence predictions, winning 2 Best Paper Awards and 1 Best Poster Award.


  • Machine vision for live congestion estimation on train carriages
  • Machine vision segmentation for automated UK train tracking and railway maintenance
  • Machine Learning for future pandemic preparedness


  • Senior Lecturer

Global goals

Target 3.6
Target 3.D
Target 9.1


  • United Kingdom

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