Dr Kazeem Adekunle Alayande

Doctoral fellow, 

South Africa

Yoruba, English, Arabic
South Africa

Research Focus

My research activities are focused on solving problems around antimicrobial resistance profiling of pathogens and development of biopharmaceuticals against infectious diseases. We are exploring bioactive principles of plant origins; probiotic investigation; and bioactive peptides produced by lactic acid bacteria and endophytes. I’m as well involved in the Data and Software Carpentry in African community.


  • Characterization of bioactive peptides produced by endophytic bacteria
  • Genetic manipulation of the bioactive peptides for improved efficacy;
  • Development of safe and viable in-feed probiotics for animal husbandry


  • Doctoral fellow

Global goals

Target 2.1
Target 3.2
Target 3.3


  • South Africa

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