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We link academic research with the UN Global Goals framework

Make sure your research is seen and recognised as making a global difference

How do I know which Global Goals I'm working on?

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Research to support the achievement of the UN Global Goals

Here at The Global Academy we've found that some of the first researchers who are signing up are finding a bit of a problem. How do you know where your research fits within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) framework? To make it easier to see where your work fits and therefore which Global Goals you should select when signing up to the site, we've developed a new page on our website to help out. The page lists all the goals, and the individual targets behind each one, on a single page.

You know your research - let us support you in deciding where it fits

When you sign up to The Global Academy the targets for each goal listed on this page should help you to choose the goals that are relevant to your research. The page may be useful even if you already know what goals you're working towards; you can use the page to decide which targets within those goals your research is supporting the world to achieve.

You know your research better than anyone else which is why you're best placed to decide where it fits within the Global Goals framework. We're hoping that this new resource will help you to make this decision easier as part of your sign up to The Global Academy.

Sign up now!

If you'd like to start creating a researcher page, please visit our page builder tool. We will start your page, based on the content you provide, send you the link and ask where you would like to make changes and additions. Because we are still developing the site we are beginning with this simple web form and hand-built pages. Later on we will move to a fully functioning data-base fed by an automated online system. The first 100 researchers to sign up will get a "Research Trailblazer" badge on their (free!) page, so why not sign up now to take advantage of this starter offer and get yourself a badge before they run out!

Check out some researcher pages

Dr Matt Smith Aerobiologist and Lecturer - working on Global Goals 3, 13 and 15

Mr Ignatius Duhu (page under construction) Doctoral candidate - working on Global Goal 8

Dr Wesley Loftie-Eaton Microbiologist and Research scientist - working on Global Goals 3 and 9

Prof Michael Petraglia Archeologist and PI for the Paleodeserts project - working on Global Goals 13 and 15

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