Mr Jason Schmerer

Self-Directed Resiliency Researcher, 

United States

United States

Research Focus

My research focuses on why resiliency matters and how we can use the these concepts to grow communities. When we define resiliency then we can start to map out so many things with in the community. Urban planning plans, emergency management and disaster plans, sustainability development, and much more. But two questions… What is a community and why does resiliency matter.


  • Using social science theory to build a stronger understanding of human and cultural behaviors to develop practical tools for resiliency and sustainability practices for planning various different ways.
  • Trying to develop answers to... What is a community? and Why does resiliency matter?


  • Self-Directed Resiliency Researcher

Global goals

Target 11.5
Target 11.A
Target 11.B
Target 11.C
Target 13.1
Target 13.2
Target 13.3
Target 13.B
Target 17.6
Target 17.17
Target 17.18

Professional Organisations

  • International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)


  • United States

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