Prof John S. Young

Professor of Translational Healthcare, 

United Kingdom

PhDs supervised to completion
United Kingdom

Research Focus

My research aims to improve the lives of patients living with chronic conditions; and, by extension, the lives of their carers and reduce the demand on overstretched healthcare providers. Our activities have three strands:

Diagnosis. Early detection of acute and chronic pathologies, and acute adverse events – which is accurate, inexpensive and accessible – to be used by healthcare providers, patients and carers, regardless of setting.
Therapeutics. Elucidate targets for effective treatment, very early in disease development. Informed by biomarker-based diagnosis of early disease.
Education. Change behaviours, remove barriers to patients seeking help and achieve patient-centred care.
The primary focus for these efforts has been in urological pathologies, due to the high prevalence of conditions and associated impact – to patients, carers and the NHS.


  • Developing a diagnostic test for overactive bladder for the point-of-care setting (GP, pharmacies, care homes) and for use by patients/carers. eLearning: addressing the skills’ gap in continence care within care homes by providing an eLearning package. Related to this are other projects to address barriers to patient care: (1) Commissioned by Health Education England to produce an eLearning package, mandated for all NHS England staff, around continence care in patients with frailty; (2) long-term collaboration with a continence product manufacturer to provide patient-centred information on their websites; (3) aiming to reach individuals with limited access to computers, designed a leaflet with similar aims as previous. Currently coordinating additional dissemination. Evaluating wearable devices for the non-invasive monitoring of biomarkers. The novel approach we developed for the discovery of biomarkers for overactive bladder is being used in collaborations to discover biomarkers for other pathologies inc. Alzheimer’s and non-freezing cold injury.


  • Professor of Translational Healthcare

Global goals

Target 3.4
Target 3.8
Target 3.B
Target 3.D
Target 9.1
Target 9.5
Target 9.B
Target 10.1
Target 10.2
Target 10.3
Target 10.4

Professional Organisations

  • International Consultation on Incontinence (May 2010)
  • International Continence Society (March 2011)
  • British Pharmacological Society (Jan 2013), and International Society of Autonomic Neuroscience (May 2013)


  • United Kingdom

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